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It is my sincere honor to be chosen to serve as President of the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers. Throughout the course of my presidency it will be my goal to increase membership, maintain the credibility of the association through continuing education, and promote the association’s branding as the premier accrediting body of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.

AMEA membership continues to grow. Membership now spans the globe with new member applications coming from countries such as Australia and Sweden. We are also promoting new membership applications from our core MDNA membership, while focusing on seeking younger applicants in order to propagate the future of our organization. If you are reading this and have a person on your staff who is not a member of AMEA, please encourage them to join. As with any organization, AMEA’s future is dependent on attracting quality individuals during the onset of their careers.

AMEA continues to offer many opportunities to complete your 70 hours, per 5 year period, continuing education requirements. Webinars are offered on a continual basis and remain a convenient method to rack up CE hours from the convenience of your office. The AMEA Appraisers’ Forum is held annually along with the opportunity to take either the 7 or 15 hour USPAP course. Contributing relevant submissions to the AMEA newsletter will earn you five hours. In addition, attending any MDNA chapter meeting with an AMEA related program will allow four hours. Continuing education remains a necessary focal point in maintaining our association’s credibility with both the manufacturing and lending community.

Our market based perspective and daily involvement in the buying and selling of used capital equipment are what allows us to offer the most credible opinions of value to those who hire us to complete appraisals. It is my opinion that this fact should continue to serve as our brand.

In closing, I would welcome any interested regular member to become involved on our Board of Directors. We have several spots open as allowed by our constitution and encourage interested parties to join us and serve. If you are interested in becoming involved on the board, please contact either me or AMEA Director of Member Services, Meghan McLellan.

Jack Mendenhall, CEA

AMEA President


Past Presidents


1983-84 Norman Adler

1984-86 Daniel L. Lengyel

1986-88 Roland R. Grenier

1988-91 Fred Mervis

1991-93 Michael D. Rosen

1993-95 David N. Lang

1995-97 James Heppner, Jr.

1997-99 Ronald J. Koster, Sr.

1999-01 John Gabalis

2001-03 Richard H. Levy

2003-05 Nathan J. Arnold

2005-07 Randy R. Stevens

2007-09 John Greene

2009-11 R.F. “Casey” Mulqueen

2011-13 Charles Winternitz

2013-15 James Zvonar

2015-17 Jack Mendenhall

2017- Current President, Randall Koster